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Meet the Artists

Since 2008, hundreds of curated butterfly and dragonfly sculptures have been created by local artists and auctioned at our annual celebration to bidders throughout the United States.

This treasured tradition continues with the introduction of new artists for 2024!

Preview sculptures outside of the Pioneers Musuem from September 6th to September 27th!

COS District 11 Artists


Bristol Butterfly Club

Students in the Bristol Butterfly Club—Ellie, Anahliah, Gentrie, Rozalia, Haleigh, Colby, Madelyn, and Graeson, led by teachers Melissa Matzen and Cathy Banoczi—created a petite butterfly titled “STEAMing Wings of Bristol.” The students drew inspiration from Bristol’s STEAM pathway, planning their parts of the wings by researching science, technology, engineering, and math doodles. They also learned about the symmetry of butterfly wings in the butterfly club, so they each worked with a partner to plan the front and back of each wing. The art (A) in STEAM is represented at the base of the stand. The students ranged from 3rd to 5th grade.

2024 Artists

Michele L. M. Arthur

Michele is an eclectic person: an educator, artist, and small business owner inspired by nature and the world around them. For the past 30 years, they have taught various subjects to all age levels, but now primarily guide students in the arts. When not teaching, they run a small business selling handcrafted tie-dyes, painted items, and jewelry. In their spare time, they love gardening, hiking, and baking.

This year, they painted a garden dragonfly titled “Oh Beautiful America.” Pikes Peak inspires them daily with its beauty, whether through hiking, traveling, or just looking out the window. They love hiking at Garden of the Gods because both Pikes Peak and the Garden are relaxing. People often forget their everyday beauty.

They have participated as an artist with Wildflowers in Flight, A Good Day to Go Fishing, and two petite butterflies. They are currently the liaison between CSSD 11 and the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs.

Hope L. AuBuchon

Hope is a self-taught artist who loves to bring smiles to people's faces. Growing up as a military brat, they had the opportunity to see much of the world from a young age. Constantly trying new things, they strive to grow both as a person and an artist.

They painted a garden butterfly titled “It's all Monet,” inspired by Claude Monet and his love of nature. Additionally, they created a petite butterfly titled “Bunch-a-Balloons,” inspired by the Labor Day balloons at Memorial Park. Dedicated to helping the community, this will be their eighth year with Wings of Change.

Zeno AuBuchon

Zeno is a seasonal Archaeology Field Tech who loves reading and drawing. They have worked with Wings of Change a few times under its old title, Flight, and enjoyed the experience. They designed a garden butterfly titled “A Few Classics,” inspired by the works of Jules Verne and Robert Louis Stevenson. Each side features scenes from two of each author's books. They are dedicated to supporting their community.

Rebekah Black

Rebekah Black is a self-taught artist who enjoys sculpture, colored pencil, and painting. She graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo with a bachelor's in applied mathematics and French. She continued her STEM education with master’s level classes in molecular biology, microbiology, and organic chemistry, completing research for a NASA-funded project on life in extreme environments.

Rebekah has taught reading and math at James Madison Elementary School in District 11, art in District 49 elementary schools, and worked for the Colorado Department of Higher Education’s GEARUP Program at Mitchell High School, helping low-income students succeed in postsecondary education.

Her petite butterfly, “Moments of Wonder,” illustrates two awe-inspiring moments: sea turtles swimming overhead, acting as guardians of coral reefs. Rebekah has been involved with Flight, now Wings of Change, for nine years, creating four large butterflies, eight petite butterflies, and two dragonflies. She believes in nurturing both analytical and creative sides to solve world problems and supports Wings of Change for its role in fostering arts and sciences in students.

Robin Brown

Even as a teenager, Robin was interested in arts and crafts. Over the years, they have pursued embroidery, sewing, stained glass, beadwork, and home décor. Their journey into painting began several years ago, and although time has been limited, they look forward to improving their skills. Their craft projects are often gifts for family and friends, but they also contributed a zebra painting and beaded jewelry to a fundraiser for mission work in Costa Rica.

Their garden butterfly, “Serengeti,” is inspired by a love of animals. As an animal lover, [Name] couldn't imagine designing a butterfly without incorporating animals. Whether seen in pictures or real life, animals fascinate them. They are always curious about what animals are thinking, as their faces hold so much expression. The shapes, sizes, colors, and fur patterns of animals bring [Name] feelings of peace and joy.

Leigh Blackburn

Leigh is a repeat artist for Rotary’s Wings of Change, having created sculptures in both 2011 and 2013. She admires the worthy cause and heartfelt efforts of the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs' fundraising events and wants to contribute meaningful art.

Her garden butterfly, “Dragon-fly: Chinese Year of the Dragon 2024,” is inspired by the concept of transitioning a butterfly into a dragonfly. The design features representations of the Chinese “Year of the Dragon 2024” on the upper wings and Koi fish on the lower wings. Both hold spiritual meanings, symbolizing good fortune among other things. Leigh hopes for “Good Fortune” for the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs in their heartfelt fundraising endeavors, as depicted in Chinese characters on the dragon and Koi fish.

Denise Castillo

Denise hails from Phoenix, Arizona, and brings a lifelong passion for exploring the natural world and finding joy in everyday moments to Manitou Springs. Inspired by the beauty and intricacy of crystals, Denise's artwork aims to showcase the beauty and harmony that surrounds us daily.

She has painted a garden butterfly titled “The Sun Is Shining” to remind people of the energy, power, and vitality symbolized by the sun. Denise believes in giving back to her community and has previously painted butterflies in 2021 and 2022. Her art not only reflects her appreciation for nature but also aims to uplift and inspire viewers with its positive message of sunshine and vitality.

Marilyn LeVan Chambon

Marilyn is a repeat artist who has designed sculptures in 2021, 2022, and 2023. While she works as a licensed professional counselor in private practice, Marilyn has found a creative outlet through watercolor painting. Each painting, like life itself, presents opportunities for growth with its surprises and challenges, offering lessons about life along the way.

She has painted two petite butterflies: “Winging It” symbolizes her experiences as a counselor, witnessing remarkable transformations from darkness to new life, akin to a butterfly's journey. “Wings of Freedom” reflects the idea that true flight often requires letting go of what binds us through life’s challenges. This process may take time, but the freedom it brings rewards the effort with the ability to thrive. Marilyn’s art not only expresses her professional insights but also celebrates the resilience and growth inherent in personal journeys.

Jill Clark

Jill has participated as an artist in Rotary’s Wings of Change, formerly Flight, for four years. With 50 years of experience in various mediums, she sees this Rotary fundraiser as a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community and share her art.

She painted a garden dragonfly titled “Dragonfly Dreams” and a petite butterfly called “Bohemian Wings.” Her inspiration is to create stunning art pieces that capture attention yet harmonize with nature. Jill’s work reflects her commitment to artistic expression and her desire to contribute positively to local initiatives like Wings of Change, combining creativity with community support.

Joan D Dacus

Art is a true passion for Joan, expressed through mediums like bronzes, stone and wood carvings, masks, gourds, paintings, and glass mosaics. Creating a bronze trophy for UCCS and CSU Pueblo has been a highlight. Her goal is to evoke happiness and joy in viewers, encouraging them to recognize their boundless potential. Originally from Colorado Springs, she now resides in Canon City, CO, enjoying piano, music, nature exploration, and time with loved ones.

Jill’s garden butterfly, “Nature's Song,” reflects her love for music and piano playing. Music, a universal language, inspires her deeply. “Mind Bender,” her petite dragonfly, challenges the mind in unique ways.

She’s been a Wings of Change artist for 5 years, creating 8 butterflies (2016 Messenger, 2017 Sunset Silhouette and Razzle Dazzle, 2019 Sunny Day and Fly Free, 2022 Hello Doily and New Vibrations, 2023 My Generation). Contributing to the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs Service Fund supports the community and promotes children’s involvement in arts and sciences.

Lorraine Danzo

Lorraine, a resident of Colorado Springs, holds an art degree from Pratt Institute of Art in New York. Her artwork, featuring animals, aspen, flowers, and mountains, celebrates textures and colors. She has been represented by galleries in New York, New Jersey, New Mexico (Taos and Santa Fe), Arizona (Sedona), and currently shows at Gallery 45 Degree in Old Colorado City.

In 2024, Lorraine has created three sculptures: a garden butterfly titled “All a Flutter” and two petite butterflies named “Sunflower Celebration” and “Just Winging It.” Her butterflies celebrate the delicate wings capable of soaring and dipping, delighting viewers with their heavenly patterns and colors. Lorraine's art captures the wonder and beauty found in nature, showcasing her skill in portraying movement and vibrant life in her sculptures.

Hedy DuCharme

Painting is a passion for Hedy. Her favorite art period is Impressionism, known for its loose brushwork and emphasis on capturing one's "impression" of a subject with varied colors and textures. Inspired by her years as a docent at the Fine Arts Center at Colorado College and travels across Europe, she resumed painting regularly. Hedy holds a BFA from Michigan State and began showcasing her work in Colorado Springs art shows 15 years ago, including venues like Cottonwood Center for the Arts, Academy Art and Frame, Commonwheel Co-op, and others.

For 5 years, Hedy has been involved in Rotary’s Wings of Change (formerly Flight). She painted a garden butterfly titled “Fantasy Garden,” inspired by her passion for gardening and love of flowers. The vibrant colors and variety of annual and perennial plants inspire her, reflecting in her art with bright and cheerful hues.

Tejae Floyde

Bio pending.

Melissa Getz

Melissa Getz was born and raised in rural Ohio, next to her grandfather’s farm, which continues to influence much of her work today. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in studio arts from Ohio University. Melissa is drawn to the tactile nature of three-dimensional bronze, mixed media, and found objects. Her artwork often features creatures and figures with a narrative quality, ranging from quirky playfulness to dark humor.

Melissa has exhibited her work throughout Colorado and across the US. She currently resides in Colorado Springs, where she finds inspiration for new pieces outdoors.

Her petite butterfly, “Shimmer Skimmer,” draws inspiration from previous butterfly designs and the educational mission of the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs, pushing her creative boundaries further.

Madylyn Gordon

Madylyn Gordon has always had a passion for art, alongside her deep love for horses. Originally from St. Louis, she developed a fondness for digital art and taught horseback riding to people of all ages. Upon moving to Colorado in 2019, Madylyn became an art teacher, sharing her creativity with students and exploring the mountains with her horses, reflecting her adventurous spirit.

Her garden butterfly, “Untamed Wonder,” celebrates the nomadic cowgirl lifestyle she cherishes and pays homage to the horses that accompany her on memorable journeys. Inspired by a colleague's butterfly and moved by the Wings of Change movement, Madylyn aimed to leave her mark as an artist in Colorado Springs with her creation. Her butterfly represents a blend of artistic expression and admiration for the natural beauty and freedom found in her beloved horses and the landscapes she explores.

Mary Gorman

A Colorado native, born in Canon City and raised in Pueblo, [Name] has called Colorado Springs home since 1973. With a rewarding 33-year career in Federal Civil Service serving the US Air Force and Army, retirement has allowed them to pursue their passions for art and world travel. Since 2011, they have been a member of Gallery 113, primarily working with silk dye on silk fabric in their studio and watercolors with Garden Artists and Plein Air Painters of Colorado. They are staunch advocates for education and the arts, participating in community events like painting petite butterflies annually since 2020 and a large dragonfly.

This year, Mary is creating a garden butterfly titled “Tapestry,” inspired by bold gold, teal, and red hues resembling stitches on tapestry. Additionally, their petite butterfly “Sunset” draws inspiration from the Sunset Moth, featuring whites, yellows, greens, blues, a hint of purple, and dramatic irregular black shapes.

Chris Gould

Bio pending.

Al B Johnson 

Al B is a local abstract artist with a studio at the Sluice in Old Colorado City and is a Resident Artist at Platte Collections Gallery in Knob Hill. He has been involved with Rotary’s Wings of Change (formerly Flight) for many years, initially drawn to support the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs’ efforts in providing STEAM grants to District 11 schools. Known for his colorful and creative butterflies, Al B has garnered a following, making him a natural choice for creating the Rotary Raffle Butterfly in recent years. His expertise has been instrumental in guiding fellow artists in the Wings of Change program, offering insights on effective design representation.

In 2024, Al B created the raffle butterfly “Chouka,” meaning “butterfly flower” in Japanese. Additionally, he has contributed four other pieces: the garden dragonfly “Big Blue,” inspired by a real dragonfly; the garden butterfly “Buttercup”; the petite butterfly “Personal Monarch”; and the petite dragonfly “Little Red.”

Rebekah Lamm

As a self-taught artist residing on the front range of Pikes Peak, Rebakah finds inspiration in hyper-realism and enjoys sharing art in various forms to inspire others. Having completed four butterflies for Rotary fundraisers in the past, [he/she] now lives on a farm with [his/her] husband and four children.

Rebekah's garden butterfly, “Damsel,” is inspired by a previous petite butterfly design, now recreated on a larger scale to showcase the intricate and delicate details reminiscent of a topaz stone. Additionally, [his/her] petite butterfly, “Star Gazer,” draws inspiration from childhood experiences of stargazing in the countryside, marveling at the Milky Way and twinkling stars from the back of a truck.

Despite an education gap in childhood, Rebekah is passionate about supporting fundraisers like this to enrich children’s education and foster appreciation for arts across generations.

Nancy Neale Martin

It has been an honor for Nancy to paint butterflies for the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs for thirteen years, spanning from its inception as Butterflies & Friends to Flight and now Wings of Change. Creating art to empower community projects has been a fulfilling use of their creativity.

Nancy's garden butterfly, “Aura Nimbus,” draws inspiration from the daily "golden hour" — that magical moment at sunrise or sunset. They aim to capture this enchanting light in butterfly form, ensuring it brings joy throughout the day.

Cornelia Mitchell

Cornelia has pursued art and photography classes at Pikes Peak State College and regularly attends an informal artist group. An amateur photographer, [he/she] has exhibited paintings at the art Gallery at Cacao Chemistry and the Golden Lotus Foundation Asian Heritage Center, while [his/her] photography has been showcased at East Library (PPLD).


Cornelia's art group has been participating in this event since its inception, having previously created two butterflies: the 2021 "Great Purple Emperor" and the 2022 "European Peacock."

Having visited South Korea twice to see their son and family stationed there, Cornelia drew inspiration for [his/her] petite dragonfly, "Butterfly Dragonfly," from a species found throughout East Asia known locally as Nabi Jamjari in Korea.

Stephanie Moon

Stephanie Moon has been living and painting in Colorado since 2009. Originally from a small farm town in Michigan, Stephanie developed a deep love for nature during trips to the lakeshore and her grandma’s cottage in northern Michigan. Her landscapes capture the ever-evolving vibrancy of nature, employing bold colors and concentrated mark-making. "My paintings aim to capture the immense beauty and wonder of our natural world."

Outside her studio, Stephanie enjoys exploring trails with her dog and husband, or teaching others to express their creativity. Her garden butterfly, “Night and Day,” tells stories of the outdoors through visual art. It embodies Colorado's essence with sunrises, mountains, streams, lush valleys, and the Milky Way visible from our dark skies communities—depicting the idyllic Colorado imagined in our minds.

Stephanie believes in enhancing access to arts and innovative ideas for young people, emphasizing community support and resources that foster collective growth and improvement.

Kelly Noffsinger

Kelly is a woman navigating life's changes with resilience. Art serves as her anchor during challenging times. Her petite butterfly, “Storms and Rainbows,” narrates the journey of storms casting darkness over our lives, yet promising the beauty of rainbows coexisting with the storm's turmoil. Like the skies, she believes humans can hold immense grief and joy simultaneously. As storms pass, they leave behind quiet and peace. The swirls in her artwork symbolize life's constant movement and unexpected changes, which, though sometimes unwelcome, bring opportunities for growth when embraced.

For the past couple of years, she has been involved with Rotary’s Wings of Change, previously Flight, enjoying creating public outdoor art.

Nicholas Olson

Specializing in flow art using unconventional surfaces and alternative mediums, they have painted a garden butterfly titled “Mariposa Flow.”


Inspired by the harmonious blend of science and aesthetic beauty in nature and the arts, their work reflects a unique approach to creativity. They envision applying her skills to unconventional and practical surfaces, enriching public spaces around town. Contributing to this project brings Nicholas immense satisfaction, knowing they have played a part in enhancing the community through art.

Georgia Padilla

Georgia, a Colorado native, is a self-taught mixed media artist whose journey began as a young girl coping with the challenges of a heart disease. Art quickly became her therapeutic outlet, aiding in navigating trauma and health issues throughout her life. Beyond her personal creations, she crafts custom pieces and usable art gifts for Maker's Markets, blending creativity with practicality.

Her garden butterfly, “Atman,” and petite dragonfly, “Summertide,” draw inspiration from her reconnection with indigenous heritage and family beadwork. Another creation, “The Garden,” reflects her love for spring and blooming flowers. Participating in Wings of Change since 2022, she appreciates its community impact and support for District 11 schools. Recently returning to Colorado Springs from Denver, where her daughter attends school, Georgia finds joy in contributing her artistic talents to this meaningful cause.

Kim Polomka

Kim has been involved as an artist with Rotary’s Wings of Change, formerly Flight, since 2008. He created a petite butterfly titled “Flight of the Patriot,” inspired by a 21’ x 76’ mural he painted for the American Legion Post 12 in Wickenburg, Arizona, in November 2023. The experience renewed his respect for the flag and its symbolism.

The Pour Painter

The Pour Painter represents professional artistry supported by friends and family while navigating the challenges of chronic illness: autoimmune disorders, depression, anxiety, arthritis, insomnia, and surgeries. They have created 5 sculptures of various sizes and styles for Flight, now Wings of Change, over the years, and are enthusiastic to return and contribute to the community once more. Each piece is an abstract exploration of color inspired by unique experiences, reminding us of the ephemeral nature of every moment. This marks their fourth year participating in the event.

Their garden dragonfly, "Space: The Sky is Not Black," and petite butterfly, "Spaaaace: Glitter in the Sky," draw inspiration from celestial events dancing across the sky this year. Living in Colorado allows them to appreciate the darkness of the sky, revealing the true colors and wonders above, including Pikes Peak, The Garden of the Gods, solar and lunar eclipses, the Tsuchinshan-Atlas Comet, and more. Enjoy their fascination with the stars above, as they continue to shine brightly.

Linda Sagastume

As an instructor at Bemis School of Art for 13 years, dedicated to supporting the arts in Colorado Springs, this is their hometown. Their work has been featured multiple times in Somerset Studio magazines, focusing primarily on acrylics and mixed media. They find joy in nurturing artists of all ages, encouraging them to trust their creative intuition.

Their garden butterfly, "The Secret Garden," draws inspiration from the classic book of the same name. Symbolizing life's metaphor, it reflects the intrinsic need for care among people and living things. It portrays a story of hope and friendship, where neglected spaces bloom with the tender touch of flowers, rejuvenating spirits.

Their involvement with Wings of Change stems from a passion for beautifying outdoor spaces. They first painted "Georgia's Wings" in 2015, celebrating O'Keeffe's year at the Fine Arts Center, which Margaret Sabin, CEO of Penrose Hospital, purchased for their atrium garden. The honor inspired them to create another butterfly in 2023, continuing the theme. "The Secret Garden" emerged as a perfect new direction for 2024, aligning beautifully with the event's evolution.

Sanctuary Studios Artists

Lori Vafiades, Elizabeth Lutz, and Sarah Joy are a trio of seasoned illustrators and educators based in Colorado Springs. They collectively lead artists at Sanctuary Studios, offering healing art and movement classes. Specializing in life-affirming art and whimsical illustration, they bring a wealth of experience creating art for public spaces.

Their debut with Rotary’s Wings of Change introduces their garden butterfly, "Emerge," which employs circles as a motif symbolizing the continuous cycle of life and growth. Featuring scenes of new beginnings like a cocoon, seed, and sunrise, it evokes themes of light, life, and hope. As the butterfly takes flight amid flourishing plants and vibrant communities, it represents fulfillment and fruition.

Intricate henna designs intricately intertwine with their illustrations, weaving a cohesive visual narrative that underscores unity and inclusion. "Emerge" stands as a testament to the transformative power of art, showcasing their precision, creativity, and dedication as professional illustrators.

Tara D. Sauvain

With 29 years of experience teaching art to middle school students, Tara has explored a wide array of mediums, from drawing and painting to collage, mixed-media, printmaking, and more. Their experimental approach continuously fuels their creativity and inspires their students.

Their garden dragonfly, "Soulfly," emerged from their participation in Wings of Change, initially inspired by their butterfly creation in 2022, "Living with the Parking Brake On," dedicated to their father's battle with Parkinson's Disease. Following his passing from MDS, surrounded by dragonflies at his memorial, they found further inspiration to create "Soulfly." Symbolizing themes of change and personal interpretation, the sculpture reflects the beauty and uniqueness of dragonfly wings.

Having witnessed firsthand the community impact of Wings of Change and being a D11 teacher, they emphasize the importance of their artwork in raising awareness for Parkinson’s Disease and enhancing school curricula through grants from the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs.

Laura Scott

A native of Colorado, they love writing, particularly poetry. Laura proudly own a gorgeous Shiba Inu named Vixyn Qita, who just turned 4. They enjoy cooking, baking, singing, and solving escape rooms.

Their petite butterfly, "Rhythm in Red," features sheet music lines and notes flowing beneath a glossy red and black acrylic paint butterfly. Their inspiration for participating in Rotary’s Wings of Change is to support the educational system and the district that benefits from the event's funds, while connecting with others who share the same passion. Having been involved for the past three years, they see no reason to stop now.

Kristina Storey

Kristina Storey primarily works in watercolor but enjoys exploring various media, including acrylic. Her artwork, from florals and landscapes to still lifes, reflects her deep appreciation for color and nature. In acrylic, she finds a medium that allows for both spontaneity and vibrant, translucent hues.

As a local artist in Colorado Springs, Kristina has showcased her work in numerous exhibitions and has garnered several awards over the past two decades. She has been a participant in Flight for several years and is excited to contribute to Wings of Change this year.

Her garden butterfly, "Sunny Side Up," is a bold expression inspired by her love for sunflowers. Having participated previously from 2013 to 2016, Kristina finds joy in supporting her community through projects like Wings of Change and values the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs' impactful initiatives.

Sara Tucker

Born in Montana and raised in Colorado, Sara has been sketching, painting, and performing since childhood, earning accolades, awards, and scholarships as a young artist. As an adult, she pursued a career in animal law enforcement, becoming a State Agent with Colorado's Bureau of Animal Protection. Sara served as a voice for the voiceless, advocating for both people and animals in her community, and was featured as a lead officer on the Nat Geo Wild/Disney+ show, Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue. Blessed with two beautiful daughters, she is currently a stay-at-home mother, thanks to her husband's encouragement and support, which has allowed her to reignite her passion for art.

Sara's fluid paintings, showcased in many local galleries, draw inspiration from surrounding landscapes, capturing the energy and beauty of the natural world. Her garden butterfly, "Among The Trees," reflects the local landscapes of Colorado, with colors that mimic the forest floor's palette. Deep, rich greens illuminate under the sun, while shimmering lights filter through thick branches, casting bold shadows from layers of rocks and leaves that blanket the earth. Sara's deep connection to District 11 schools, where she grew up and where her daughters now attend, drives her passion for supporting arts and sciences education. Participating in Wings of Change allows her to contribute to her community, promote the arts she loves, and ensure students have access to enriching programs.

Jeanie Turse

Jeanie has taken art classes at Pikes Peak State College and has exhibited in several shows at Downtown Studio and Cacao Chemistry. With a background in public and school health as a registered nurse, Jeanie balances her career with her passions for travel and community volunteer work. Inspired by organic forms found in nature and science, Jeanie creates art that reflects her admiration for these elements.

Her garden butterfly, “Miro Wings of Change,” draws inspiration from the artist Joan Miro. Jeanie aimed to capture Miro’s whimsical and abstract designs on the canvas of a butterfly. Miro's art seamlessly blends images from the real and the imaginary world, characterized by bright colors and abstract forms that translate beautifully into vibrant butterfly patterns.

Jeanie is dedicated to supporting community art initiatives and values the impact of arts education in schools. She has previously contributed garden-sized and petite butterflies, as well as a dragonfly, to the Wings of Change project.

Michelle Watkins

Michelle's garden dragonfly, "Seasons," draws inspiration from the picturesque Colorado landscape, specifically reflecting the transitions between summer and fall. She participates in Rotary’s Wings of Change due to its significant impact and positive contributions to the community.

Grayson Wissbaum

Club of Colorado Springs. Alongside his siblings, he paints under the guidance of their grandmother, Laurel Bahe, during their vacation stays in Colorado. Grayson is actively involved in sports such as soccer, cross-country running, high jump, and soccer refereeing. His painting style is characterized by its fluidity and spontaneity, reflecting his natural approach to art, which he makes appear effortless.

Grayson's petite butterfly, "Rizz Wizz," is described as "splashy and wild," capturing his energetic and uninhibited artistic expression.

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