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2022 Artists

- Meet our Artists -

Our artists are the vital component of this worthy fundraiser, without whom, there would be no FLIGHT.  


Hats off to them! With much gratitude, the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs.

Michele Arthur--.jpg

Michele Arthur

Gnome Alone

Donuts Should Grow in the Garden

Colorado Wildflowers on Flight

Hope Aubuchon--.jpg

Hope Aubuchon

Stained Glass Daisies

Worth Saving

Zeno Aubuchon--Quilted Comfort.jpg

Zeno Aubuchon

Quilted Comfort

Laurel Bahe--.jpg

Laurel Bahe

Perfectly Imperfect

Awfully Pretty

Zest for Life

Virginia Bahe--Flying High.jpg

Virginia R. Bahe

Flying High

Rebekah E Black.jpg

Rebekah E. Black



Andrea Box


Calazera de Azucar

Denise Castillo--High Vibration.jpg

Denise Castillo

High Vibration

Marilyn LeVan Chambon--.jpg

Marilyn LeVan Chambon

Simply Radiant

Fancy and Free

Spirit of Freedom

Jill Clark--.jpg

Jill Clark

Monarch in Motion

Dragonfly on the Greens

Joan Dacus--New Vibrations1.jpg

Joan Dacus

New Vibrations

Hello Doily

Lorraine Danzo--.jpg

Lorraine Danzo

In the Cool of the Evening

Razzle Dazzle

Born to Fly

Rudi DiAmco--.jpg

Rudi DiAmco

All American Butterfly

Ode to Cadet Chapel

Hedy DuCharme--I Fly For Taos Air1.jpg

Hedy DuCharme

I Fly for Taos Air

Tycho Dwelis--Dreams of Dreams1.jpg

Tycho Dwelis

Dreams of Dreams

Tejae Floyde--Butterfly Bloom.jpg

Tejae Floyde

Butterfly Bloom

Mary Gorman--.jpg

Mary Gorman

Blue Bird

Blue Leaf

M Denise Hammond--Kimpossible_s Wings.jpg

M. Denise Hammond

Kimpossible's Wings

Sophia Hanna--Taking Flight1.jpg

Sophia Hanna


Celeste Hodges--Colorado Skyhawk.jpg

Celeste Hodges

Colorado Skyhawk

Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 10.23.25 AM.png

Chris Haynes

 "Dragon" Fly and Grind

Al B Johnson--Blue Morpho Grandi.jpg

Al B. Johnson

Blue Morpho Grandi

Jessica Jones--On The Wire1.jpg

Jessica Jones

On the Wire

Reveille Kennedy--Southwest Impressions.jpg

Reveille Kennedy

Southwest Desert Impressions

Key$ (Krys Fakir)--Le Mouvement.jpg


Le Mouvement

Havaleh Lamm--Dandelion.jpg

Havalah Lamm


Rebekah Lamm--Inner Workings.jpg

Rebekah Lamm

Inner Workings

Sara Lee--Summer Splendor.jpg

Sara Lee

Summer Splendor

Robert Lococo--Imagine All the Birdies, Livin_ For Today.jpg

Robert Lococo

Imagine All the Birdies, Livin' for Today

Brandi Blackwood Lowe--.jpg

Brandi Blackwood Lowe

DreamTree in Blue


Grisela Madrid--Heat Above.jpg

Grisela Madrid


Dan Martin--Let_s Ride1.jpg

Dan Martin

Let's Ride


Jessica Mayfield


Julie McKenney.jpg

Julie McKenny

Bountiful Bliss

cornelia mitchell.jpg

Cornelia Mitchell

European Peacock Butterfly

Piper Murphy--Alice in Wonderland.jpg

Piper Murphy

Alice in Wonderland

Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 5.10.13 PM.png

Julie Nash



Nancy Neale Martin


Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 5.10.13 PM.png

Kelly Noffsinger

Cosmic Dance

Kelly Noffsinger--Cosmic Dance.jpg

Rayna Noffsinger

The Lily Moth

Georgia Padilla--Neurodivergence Appreciation.jpg

Georgia Padilla

Neurodivergence Appreciation

Laura Porakova--Thessalonica1.jpg

Laura Porakova


Tara Sauvain--.jpeg

Tara Sauvain

Living with the Parking Brake On

Deborah Schoen--Koi Pond With Water Lillies.jpg

Deborah Schoen

Koi Pond with Water Lillies


Laura Scott

Fire on a Starlit Night

Lois Sprague--Butterfly Magic.jpg

Lois Sprague

Butterfly Magic

The Pour Painter--Nature_s Path.jpg

The Pour Painter

Nature's Path


Jeanie Turse

Yellow Banner

Colorado Mondrian

Sally Ann Wilson--Reaching for the Sun.jpg

Sally Ann Wilson

Reaching for the Sun

Emerick Wissbaum--Bob Emerfly.jpg

Emerick Wissbaum

Bob Emerfly

Finley Wissbaum--.jpg

Finley Wissbaum


Grayson Wissbaum--The Awesome Middle Child Butterfly.jpg

Grayson Wissbaum

The Awesome Middle Child's Butterfly

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