2020 Artists

Meet our 2020 Artists!

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They are the vital component of this worthy fundraiser, without whom, there would be no FLIGHT.  

Hats off to them! With much gratitude, the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs

Z’eno AuBuchon

A graduate of School District 11, currently studies Anthropology at UCCS. He is an “artistic dabbler” and participated in FLIGHT in 2018.


Petite:  “Butterfly Bay.”


My Inspiration: “Pirate maps and mapping tools.”

Why FLIGHT?  “I love the cause and the event itself. I joined my mom as a guest in 2017, then I participated myself in 2018, and was a guest again in 2019.”

Hope AuBuchon

A self-taught artist who loves to make anyone that sees her art feel joy. Hope says ‘the world is way too serious and we all need to smile.”  A returning FLIGHT artist, she especially enjoys integrating animals and nature in her work.  Hope teaches art to homeschooled students and is a returning artist. 


Medium: “Wagon Train Through the Garden of the Gods”

Petite: “Everybody Bathes.”


Inspiration: “ For the Medium butterfly, I was inspired by the Pioneers Museum mural and old photos of pioneers going through Garden of the Gods. And for the petite,  I was inspired by images of different animals bathing.


Why FLIGHT: “This is my 4th year with FLIGHT and I find the experience every year different from the last. I originally got involved with FLIGHT as a way to give back to School District 11, which is where I went to school followed by both of my children.”

 Laurel Bahe

Returning FLIGHT artist Laurel Bahe describes herself as “a happy old lady who paints because she likes to paint.”  She has a thing for painting owls and more owls. Her work is sold in galleries and on her website,  


Large: “Subtle Exclamation”


Inspiration: “Cethosia bilbis an Austallian red butterfly.”


Why FLIGHT: “Flight is a great program for SD11 and Rotary Community Service projects.  I have participated in Flight 3 or 4 times in the past.”

Virginia Bahe

Virginia Bahe.jpg

Virginia Bahe was coerced into painting a butterfly by her friends and the Corona Virus.  Normally she is traveling at this time of the year but she is 88 years old and that is not an option this year.  She has an artistic streak that she always downplays so her friends, who are also painting butterflies, talked her into it.


Petite: “Flying High”


Inspiration: “Simple strong graphic design of the Colorado flag.”


Why FLIGHT: “It’s a fun, valuable project.”

Rebekah Black


Returning artist, Rebekah Black, is self-taught and enjoys numerous types of art including sculpture, colored pencil, and painting.  She graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics and a minor in French.  She is currently attending CSU- Pueblo to earn her master’s degree in molecular and microbiology.  


Rebekah volunteers at the Space Foundation, has taught at  James Madison Elementary School in District 11, and currently works for the Colorado Department of Higher Education through their GEARUP Program at Mitchell High School in District 11.


Petites: “Saffra” and “Cerulea”


Inspiration: “I wanted to create a woodland butterfly that had features reminiscent of real butterflies, but also had a regal flair.  I wanted the colors to resemble the deep shades of a wooded area, with a flash of brilliant color and metallic edging to catch the eye.”


Why FLIGHT: “I have been involved in Flight for seven years, and I completely believe in the program.  I have been lucky enough to have had a front row seat at some of the schools that received funds to see the wonderful projects and learning that has been happening during the last few years.  As a STEAM student myself, I know how important it is to spark an interest in students at a young age, so that children get the confidence and excitement that will stay with them through their lives.  It is crucial that children nurture both their analytical and creative sides in order to solve the problems that our world is facing.  These problems will not be solved by just one area of thinking, but through a combination of many different areas with many different perspectives.  I believe that it is of the utmost importance for our community to have programs such as Flight to support the arts and sciences for our deserving students.”

Andrea Box


Multi-year FLIGHT participant, Andrea graduated from CU Boulder in May of 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts (BASA) degree. She lives with her two spry but sweet dogs who often lend a paw with inspiration for her artwork. She completed her Master's Degree in Public Administration in 2013, which has driven her commitment to participate in non-profit and charitable projects. Andrea has participated in various community art projects such as CSFlight, Denver Young Artist Orchestra's Painted Violin, and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's Art on the Hoof as well as contributed to private collection thru commissioned work. Andrea is painting two butterflies:  


Large: “Prismatique”

Medium: “Tessellation”


Inspiration: “I came up with the idea of using elliptical type patterns with bold colors when I was working with an idea of drawing a mandala- I was drawn to the egg-like shape over the flower petal shape as the sketch developed. I have always thought a stained-glass look would be lovely on a butterfly. My abstract painting style lends itself to the blending of color to achieve this- and I wanted to include some elements or reference to features of a butterfly wing as well.”


Why FLIGHT: “I have done seven butterflies in seven years- I took a hiatus as I went through some crazy personal life event - but my desire to participate again was realized when I was walking my dog by a school during the stay at home order. I was reminded how much I love being a part of this program and how important supporting local schools are now more than ever.”

Jill Clark


Born in Wisconsin found heaven in Colorado. Started art career as a photographic artist. She dabbles in all art mediums.  She says “The journey of learning new art forms is the best part.” Jill is working hard on having “a fully engaged retirement.”  


Dragonfly: “Rainbowzilla”

Petite: "Rainbow Wings"


Inspiration: “Structured design and whimsical colors!”


Why FLIGHT: “A chance to be driven, the cause is a good one, and it is just so fun - excellent group to work with.”

Nicole Cornacchione

Was born in Mississippi, not far from New Orleans. Her family is blessed with artists, dancers, and musicians. Raised with a love for the rich southern culture and its art scene, her grandmother enrolled her in the first art class at the age of ten. Summers were spent attending art programs at Delta State University helping develop many skills. She was accepted into an art high school for 11th and 12th grade. This specialized schooling allowed her to earn scholarships for college.  She went on to graduate from Memphis College of Art with a BFA in small metals and a minor in art history.

After taking a train trip out west she fell in love with the snow-capped mountains, fresh air, and scenic vistas and then moved to Colorado. Now, as a professional goldsmith she spends time working with small pieces of art daily, and in her free time painting, sculpting, and hiking.


Petite:  “Oh Whale, the Show Must Go On”


Inspiration: In one word, “Community!” Growing up in Mississippi, I enjoyed various festivals and events. Rich in culture, color, sound, and sights, one could not help but feel part of that community. After moving to Colorado Springs, I eagerly sought new adventures and went to the Labor Day Lift Off, where I felt that sense of community. I have always loved going to balloon festivals, the shapes, colors, and designs of each balloon.  Once the pandemic happened, I felt there was a need for joy, the same joy I felt that Labor Day. 


Why FLIGHT: “I want to give back to my community.  In a way, it’s a “thank you” for all the support I have been given through the years. If it weren’t for programs like this, I would have never been able to study art.”

Jeanine Cruse


Jeanine Cruse resides in the Springs, but moved here from the Carolinas. She loves all things beautiful; especially her 2 dogs: Bella & Bianca and 2 birds: BeBe & Bleu. Jeanine is an Interior Designer professionally and enjoys painting, photography, traveling, and boating. 


Medium: “Flight Burst”


Inspiration: “The metamorphosis of bursting out from chrysalis to butterfly.”


Why FLIGHT: “After attending the 2019 Butterfly Gala, I saw an opportunity to give back to the community, by doing something I love; expressing art.”

Cass Daley & Tuesday Doyle

My background in art started in a very different way. I am a professional clothing and interior designer and I started with my Mom helping me learn how to sew for a Girl Scout badge when I was nine years old. When I was ten years old, I won my first national competition. I have sewn all my life - it really is my favorite thing besides being with my girls and husband, Pat. I received my master’s degree in fashion and our design company has done more than 600 weddings all over the world. Sometimes it’s just a headpiece, sometimes only a gown, and sometimes it’s the whole shabang including bridesmaids, tuxedos and tent decor.


Petite: “Tropical Tuesday” painted with her daughter, Tuesday Doyle.


Inspiration: “The colors from tropical flowers were our inspiration and we wanted to have a contrast between the top and bottom views.”


Why FLIGHT: “We love D11 and because the Rotary supports D11 arts and sciences, what better way can we support their programs, but through this.”

Lorraine Danzo

Born in Brooklyn, Lorraine, graduated from Pratt Institute. She moved to Colorado in 1993. She taught and exhibited at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center. Lorraine has had past affiliations with galleries in New  York, New Jersey, Sedona, Santa Fe, Taos and Colorado. Her work was chosen for the Travel Award by the American Watercolor Society. Lorraine has exhibited in many juried exhibitions including the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society, the Kansas Seven State, the New Jersey Watercolor Society and the American Watercolor Society.  She creates paintings with bold color and strong compositions. They can be landscapes, abstractions or whimsical animals. She says she is inspired by scenes and events. 


Petite: “The Eyes of a Tiger”


Inspiration: “This butterfly was inspired by the power and mystery of the natural world.”


Why FLIGHT: “I want to be part of Flight 2020 to contribute to the enhancement of our community and nurture further art programs.”

Lelia Davis

Using bold color and energetic brushstrokes and palette knife, Leila paints the magnificent landscapes of her home state of Colorado and beyond. Capturing the vibrancy of her surroundings with thick oil and acrylic paints brings the canvas to life. Combining art with her background in biology and interest in environmental conservation, the focus of  her work is to depict endangered land and their fragile ecosystems. Her art brings awareness to others about the beauty and fragility of our environment. In addition, Lelia donates a percentage of her sales to non-profits and foundations dedicated to Colorado conservation.​


A  1998 graduate of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, she studied Art and Biology. In 2014, she was accepted into the Academy of Art University in San Francisco to earn her Master’s in Fine Art. She recently moved her studio to the Cottonwood Center for the Arts in downtown Colorado Springs. In addition to art, Lelia enjoys photographing the beautiful scenery just beyond her doorstep. 


Large butterfly: “Crucial”​


Inspiration: “As I depict fragile ecosystems and their inhabitants, I would like to bring awareness to the importance of the butterfly in each microcosm. Butterflies have a symbiotic relationship with their environment. They thrive near the water’s edge, which is a crucial part of our environment. In return, they do their part for this ecosystem by pollinating the flora so that the ecosystem can continue to thrive itself.”​


Why FLIGHT: “I have always been drawn to public art, working closely with Concrete Couch for various installations throughout our city. I am also involved in a public art installation in Boulder Colorado. I see public art as an opportunity to spread the importance of artistic expression as well as to bring beauty to our city. I am also friends and studio neighbors with Al B Johnson, who referred me to this project.”

Tuesday Doyle

Tuesday is now a freshman at the University of Hawaii at Manoa majoring in Fashion design and Travel Tourism Management.  She has always loved art and hopes to continue painting throughout her life.  A returning FLIGHT artist.


Dragonfly: “Hawaiian Rainbows”


Inspiration:  Dragonfly: “Living in Hawaii, I see rainbows outside my dorm window every morning when I wake up!” Butterfly: “The colors from tropical flowers were our inspiration and we wanted to have a contrast between the top and bottom views.”


Why FLIGHT: “This will be my third year creating butterflies for the Rotary club.  I have created six butterflies over the last two years and I love everything art. We love D11 and because the Rotary supports D11 arts and sciences, what better way can we support their programs, but through this.”

Hedy DuCharme

Hedy loves to paint. "Sometimes I apply paint on a canvas for hours before I feel like I'm really painting.” She has served as a Docent at the CS Fine Arts Center for  13 years and enjoys traveling to great museums in the USA and Europe.  She enjoys photography, drawing and painting and is motivated to continue her passion as she entered juried and non-juried shows which has given her confidence to grow as an artist. Locally she has shown at Cottonwood, Commonwheel, Academy Art and Frame, Sunny Vista 16th Annual Art Show(2019) Modbo, CS Fine Art Center, First Presbyterian Church, Chapel of Our Saviour, Pikes Perk North, Bridge Gallery, Rotary Flight Gala (2019), Hooked on Books, Discovery Church, and private collections.


Petite: “Daisy Maize” 

Petite: "Royal Garden”


Inspiration: “The joy of a new challenge by participating in a great service to our community sponsored by the Rotary Club to raise awareness and funds for D11 Arts and Sciences and the Rotary nonprofit work.  Also working with artists, I know and meeting many new ones.” 


Why FLIGHT: “Last year 2019 was my first entry. I wanted the challenge of doing something outside the box for me. Also, I believe in supporting nonprofits in the community with artwork. I have donated many paintings for silent auctions over the past ten years.” 

Anne Dunn

Anne grew up in Illinois and received a BFA from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, and an MFA while in Colorado. Colorado called my heart and I have been fortunate to work as an art educator for School District 11 in Colorado Springs for more than 20-years. My job has enabled me to make art with hundreds of young artists over the years.  I focus a large part of my artistic energy on the development of a classroom-studio,  where young artists are encouraged to behave like artists.  We learn in an environment of  problem solving while using a variety of tools and materials where exploration and reflection are encouraged beyond simple production.  I am steeped in the process of art making with true artists every day,  all of whom are under the age of 12.  My students inspire me and my art which is often influenced by the folktales, materials, and motifs that my students and I explore as we learn about the art and artists in ourselves, our community, and world.


Petite: “Dealan` Dhe”


Inspiration: “Dealan Dh`e is a gaelic term that means yellow butterfly, or Flame of God.  The Celts believed the butterfly represented the souls of the dead as they flew about seeking new mothers. If a woman swallowed a butterfly in a cup, it was thought she would become pregnant.  And, like the sparks created by the shaking of a flaming stick,  the yellow butterfly represented the "need fire" of each house holder and were referred to as the ‘lightning of the gods’.”


Why FLIGHT: “I was honored to create a petite butterfly for the auction in 2019.  I appreciate that the proceeds benefit D-11 STEM and Art programs.”  

Alison Fechner


Allison is a full-time student at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in aerospace engineering. As a hobbyist artist she enjoys painting landscapes, animals, and abstract ideas for friends and family. She has sold paintings locally and has created charitable pieces for UGG boots and Vans shoes.  She intends to incorporate her creative and artistic personality and her studies in the field of engineering to bridge the gap of technical skills and artistic talents. 


Large: “Silver Lining”


Inspiration: “My inspiration for this year’s “Flight” butterfly are all of the positive effects that the COVID-19 Virus have had on our environment. Through a surrealistic expression, I have illustrated the crystal-clear Venice canals as an octopus strolls along in a gondola: a representation of all the marine life spotted during quarantine. On the other exterior wing, I drew Llandudno, Wales where wild goats float towards the sky and become one with the clouds: a representation of the wild goats roaming the welsh town amid the coronavirus lockdown. Lastly, I have illustrated turtles gliding through the sky on the interior of the butterfly wings. This portion of the butterfly represents the mass nesting of Olive Ridley turtles on the Odisha coast, while soaring through the sky, not the water, as a way to illustrate the positive effects on air pollution contributed from the lockdown. This butterfly will then be outlined in a glistening silver paint to further reflect its meaning and title.” 


Why FLIGHT: “After being a juried artist for the flight 2019 event, I could not help but try and take part in this exciting opportunity!”

Diane Feller


In 1967, Diane began what would become a lifelong passion for painting, at the young age of eleven. She studied under renowned watercolorist Jan Souza, in the 1980’s. Originally used during the 16th-17th centuries, Diane began painting with a non-toxic walnut oil-based oil paint in the 1990’s. This is her medium of choice, still today.


After her children entered college, she again took up her passion for painting in 2001. As a board member and contributing artist of “Redwoods Mural Society”, Diane designed and had oversight of many Historic Murals. She earned the designation of “Master Muralist”. Opening a gallery with a fellow Muralist, their mural work was in high demand. Six months later, an auto accident resulted in Diane having neck and hand surgeries, closing the gallery. Tragedy soon followed, when her gallery partner was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer, resulting in the loss of her life.


In her new home state of Colorado, Diane is thrilled to photograph and paint the surrounding beauty she now finds herself in.  


Medium: “Flight of the Gods”


Inspiration: “As a landscape/wildlife artist, I am inspired by the breathtaking beauty of Colorado’s Open- Space. The stunning, vibrant, stark beauty never disappoints. I appreciate the natural beauty we enjoy every day, in all seasons.”


Why FLIGHT:  “For more than ten years Diane was creatively involved in her children’s schools. She coached two successful “Odyssey of the Mind” teams, involving both the Arts and Sciences, for eight years. I was very pleased to learn of the “Flight” program, supporting Stem and the Arts in our local schools. I am thrilled to once again work toward the betterment of our students.”

Mary Gorman


Mary is a Colorado native and says her heart is always in our Rocky Mountains, though she has been fortunate to travel the globe. Retirement from Federal Civil Service gave her the time to pursue her artistic journey.  She has found amazing teachers, support, and inspiration in the local art community.  She has been a member of Gallery 113 in downtown Colorado Springs since its opening in 2011.  There she displays and sells her silk and watercolor paintings.  She is a member of Pikes Peak Watercolor Society and Silk Painters International.  She likes to express the beauty and diversity of our world in landscapes and florals and whimsy in her animal paintings.


Petite: “Earth, Wind & Fire” 

Petite: “Hearts & Flowers”

Inspiration: “50th Anniversary of Earth Day 2020 and a photo of a butterfly whose markings remind me of hearts, flowers, and feathers.”

Why FLIGHT: “Artist friends who have participated, a friend in Rotary and my late husband was a teacher.  It's a great program that I want to support.”

Jenna Gruse


Jenna spent 15 years as a professional dancer, in choreography, modern dance and performance movement. Living in Austin and training in NYC and North Carolina, she explored art through movement often with visual art collaborations. Painting was always a passion, mostly through recreational avenues with a few small art openings. With both dance and art, Jenna has always been interested in exploring the negative space and those nuances within as well as creating a montage of shapes and design. Colorado Springs Flight first awarded Jenna a petite butterfly in 2019. Jenna lives in Colorado Springs with her husband and son and is a passionate home chef, gardener, yogi, and explorer.


Medium: “Tangled Up in Zen” 

Petite: “Olympic Dreams”


Inspiration: “There's something so basic about black and white. Negative space creates the design. Could be considered simple, stark, and even harsh at times. Butterflies in contrast are beautiful, vibrant, delicate, and nearly symmetrically perfect. I love the idea of blending monochrome with vivacity. It is bold and striking and sexy and lovely. Gold, silver, and bronze are more than just beautiful, dazzling metals. They also represent first, second, and third rankings in excellence. These are medals that a top athlete receives in competition. Olympic athletes come to mind. Olympic City comes to mind. Colorado Springs comes to mind. With the delay of the Olympic Games this year, I thought we could all use a little award in life.”


Why FLIGHT: “Last year was my first experience as an artist with Flight and I felt like a rock star.  Our community came together to admire beautiful and distinctive works of art, from the petites to the large beauties. And more importantly, our community came together to generously support one of the most important causes I can personally think of, our children. As a mom of a District 11 child, I could not be more proud to be part of such a noble, and fun, and beautiful community event.”

Denise Hammond 

Denise is a hobby artist.  She works mainly with glass mosaics, generally for her own enjoyment and amusement, but also giving away finished projects to family and friends.  She was privileged to be selected to create butterflies in both 2013 and again in 2019.  She is so pleased to be able to use her hobby to contribute to the arts programs in schools through the Rotary Club Flight project.


Petite: "Rocky Mountain Fly"


Inspiration: “The beauty of Colorado and the fun of the flag's popularity.”


Why FLIGHT: “I have participated two other times with the flight project and enjoy being able to use my time and talents to give back to the community.”

Chris Haynes


Chris is currently attending the Academy of Art University studying Architecture. Before attending school, Chris spent eight and a half years in the US Army, as a Technical Engineer, surveying and designing for roads, runways, and buildings. This technical aspect of work in the US Army has pushed Chris to be more technical in his study of Architecture and art. 


Chris was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina before moving to Colorado Springs in 2010.  Without any formal art schooling, Chris has explored different areas of art as a hobby off-and-on since a young age. Chris believes art is a great resource during all times of life; difficult, happy, high, and low.

Medium Butterfly: “Achromatopsia”


Medium: "Achromatopsia"

Petite Butterfly: “De Stijl”


Inspiration: My inspiration was from Piet Mondrian and the De Stijl art movement of the early 1900's. The simplification and abstraction create only form and color within art.


Why FLIGHT: “I have been involved with Flight for the past three years as a guest during the auctions. The benefits and purpose behind Flight is so great and I wanted to further my involvement with Flight this year as an artist.”

Celeste Hodges


Celeste has been an artist since she was very young but didn’t have the opportunity to make art consistently until retiring from Douglas County Public School district. Occupational therapy was her day job for 30+ years. She is influenced by creatives of the past and present, street art, and nature. She participated in the Flight 2019 event and enjoyed it tremendously.


Medium: “Colorado Hairstreak – Official State Insect”


Inspiration: “In researching, butterflies of Colorado, these creatures were calling for a little notoriety.”


Why FLIGHT:  “I painted a medium butterfly and a dragonfly last year for Flight 2019. I was very impressed with the Rotary organization in the Springs. The opportunity to support the education of our youth is a cause that is near and dear to my heart.” 

Becky Hofstein 

Becky is a Colorado native. She moved to California for 17-years and started her art career at the Ohlone College in Fremont CA, 28 years ago. She travels extensively and comes home to paint the beauty of the world. Photographs taken on site serve her well in the studio. Her style is impressionism meets expressionism, very colorful in acrylics, watercolor, and oils. She also creates glass mosaics and yard art with recycled materials. Becky is a six-time cancer survivor trying to bring beauty and happiness into the world. Being able to do art is a calming therapy for her. Becky and her husband, Alan, live in Black Forest with their National Mill Dog Rescue puppy, Bibi.


Petite: "My Serentity"


Inspiration: “I get my love of art in all the beauty around us every day. I love to watch hummingbirds and butterflies, in their constant flight. I want to bring my colorful art to the world.”


Why FLIGHT: “I truly believe that children of every age need the arts in their life. It makes so much difference in the lives of children who cannot express themselves any other way. My sister graduated from Palmer so I also want to honor all the alumni and the future students. I think creating beauty can bring healing to our world and The Rotary Club is a big advocate.”

Kate Hudgens


Kate is a mixed media artist frequently utilizing paper, plaster, and clay in her work, exploring texture, color, and the visual contrasts of light reflection in paint finishes. She has been creating art in one way or another since she was a child and loves to experiment with new mediums and techniques.


Petite: "Luminscence"


Inspiration: “The butterfly drawings of entomologist Eugène Séguy.”


Why FLIGHT: “I wanted to contribute to my community in a way that utilizes my talents as an artist by creating something beautiful.”

 Al B Johnson


Though he worked 35 years as an electro-mechanical engineer, after retiring he decided to jump in with both feet into his first love…. painting. He is now an Abstract Expressionist and has worked out of his studio at Cottonwood for nearly a decade. He started his journey into expressionism by emulating the styles of the original expressionists to create his works. After a few years he developed his own style of abstract expressionism and is known for doing large colorful pieces that are now shipped to collectors all over the country. Some people now own whole collections of his art. Over the years he got into also making butterflies for Rotary. To date he has probably made close to 30 butterflies that now grace the backyards and open spaces of buyers all over the Colorado Springs area.


Large (raffle): "Dichotomy"

Petite: "Mountain Monarch"


Inspiration: “I have tried a little bit of everything, but I think that I enjoy the designs of natural butterflies the most.”


Why FLIGHT: “Rotary does a good job of providing funds for various projects, but I think that I like the grants they provide to District 11 schools the most. Doing butterflies for them is my part of helping to make that happen.”

Annelise Kelly

Annelise will be entering high school as a freshman in the fall of 2020.  She took her first art class while earning a Girl Scout badge.  Annelise went on to take courses through the Bemus School of Art as well as through her school.  She has entered her work in an art contest through the Pikes Peak Library District, was chosen to provide the cover art for her school yearbook and has begun to sell hand painted Christmas ornaments as a project to earn her Girl Scout Entrepreneur badge.  Her favorite mediums to work with are markers, watercolors and acrylics.


Petite: “The Peak of Day”


Inspiration: “The way Pikes Peak looks at sunrise and sunset, and how the colors vary around it.”


Why FLIGHT:   “I was recommended to join by a rotary club member. I have seen the butterflies around the region and have been inspired to create my own.”

Kathleen S. Kennedy


Kathleen is an author, spiritual awakener, and early care and education professional. A true renaissance woman, she is an avid photographer, mixed media artisan, amateur musician, accomplished seamstress, apian enthusiast, builder, chef, and gardener.  


Kathleen began working with children when she was just a child herself. She quickly discovered the seemingly limitless vivacious energy level of youngsters and the true delight found by being in their presence. It is this delight and enjoyment of the laughter and playful imagination that inspired her children’s books, Coyotes in the Kitchen and Norman Attacks. At times she presents her works under her angelic name, “Luminaria.”  Originally from the Chicagoland area, she now lives in Colorado and is a Cañon City Rotarian. For more visit


Petite: “Aloha Sun Fun”


Inspiration: “The carefree feeling of summer at the beach coupled with the peace and tranquility of the ocean.”


Why FLIGHT: “Support of art in the schools resonates with my being. I participated in Flight 2018 and it fed my soul. This year I became a Rotarian and enjoy the truth of service before self. If my efforts are able to bring the joyful expression of art to children, I'm all in.”

Reveille Kennedy 

Reveille grew up in Pueblo, CO. a steel mill town.  She used all the leftover materials in her father’s workshop to experiment with nails, wood, glass and paints. Reveille’s mother was a singer, songwriter, and poet.  Reveille perceives life and the joy it brings partly because of the freedom of these experiences.


Later, living in California and Europe, Reveille began to take lessons from mentors she admired  and began to build her own style.  Reveille has always been attracted to impressionism, which sometimes take on a mysterious life of its own.


Reveille is heartfelt about complementing and enhancing the sacred space where you live and work. She creates in oils, watercolors, and acrylics , constructing inspiring impressions of landscapes, seascapes, people, abstracts, and florals.  Reveille will also work with your desires and memories and help you create a personal vignette.


Petite: “English Garden”


Inspiration: “The inspiration for my butterfly “English Garden” comes from living in England and Scotland and delighting in the way their gardens were sometimes random and sometimes polished and symmetrical.  Also, I was greatly influence by Charles Rennie Macintosh while living in Scotland.  His  art was so fluid and yet stylized.”


Why FLIGHT: “Knowing and learning more about how the Rotary Clubs provide humanitarian services and how they advance goodwill and peace around the world gave me a desire to want to help as an artist. Flight gives me a chance to give back and to build community with beauty.  Connecting with those in need and helping underfunded schools in our community makes me so happy.”

Jean Kowalski 

As an abstract expressionist visionary, she strives to create paintings that have a cohesive and vibrant color palette.  She says colors ignite a healing essence with the viewer. It is always the colors and energy that she recalls when working with any painting. The primary focus of her work is to encourage, awaken and empower the people.


Dragon: “Emerge”       


Inspiration: “My inspiration is all elements of nature.  Exploring and focusing on the color and life within the dragonfly is my inspiration.”


Why FLIGHT: “My desire to become involved with this project is a way for me to give back to the children and the community.  I feel it's extremely important to do what we can to ensure that the arts remain in all schools and for all children.  For years I have coached adults to find that creative portal within themselves.  Plus having a son that choose to embrace his passion of painting, has ignited a flame within myself, to begin inspiring the younger generation.  Life is an art! It is very important for all of us to support and empower every man, woman and child, to embrace their creative side.”

Rebekah Lamm

Rebekah is a self-taught artist who loves to bring light, life and inspiration to others through drawing and painting. She has lived in Colorado her whole life and is currently growing their family farm with her four beautiful children and wonderful husband.  She does art on the side,  and hopes to draw and paint more in the near future.


Petite: “Tiny Topaz”


Inspiration: “My design is based on the detail of the monarch butterfly pattern, but in the color of a soothing sky blue.”


Why FLIGHT: “Art is growth and expression. I am happy to help in a fundraiser so our District 11 schools can give such opportunity to the children of today. My butterfly from 2019 was the petite entitled ‘Serenity’.”

Joanne Lucey


Joanne forged a career as a mechanical engineer but is now fortunate to have time to devote to the creative arts. She enjoys acrylic and watercolor painting as well as refinishing furniture and creating art from found and recycled objects. Her ‘banjo clock’ was part of the Common Wheel ‘Recycled Art’ show in 2018 and she painted the Colorado State butterfly in last year’s Flight.


Medium: “Queen Victoria Birdwing”

Petite: “Monarch”


Inspiration: “I visited the May Museum of tropical insects last year and saw this butterfly there. It is huge and beautiful. I also noticed some of the butterflies there have transparent areas on their wings which inspired the glass additions. As I am from England originally, I thought a royal play on the word ‘monarch’ would be fun. A pack of playing cards also provided inspiration.”


Why FLIGHT: “Flight is a wonderful way to raise money for a worthy cause, beautify the city, and encourage local artists. I have created several dragonflies using recycled materials and painted the Colorado State butterfly in last year’s Flight.”

 Jessica Mayfield


After travelling the country witnessing everything from authentic rural daily occurrence to devastating catastrophic destruction as a voyaging insurance adjuster, she enrolled in University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in order to pursue a Bachelor’s in Visual Arts, where she currently maintains a stellar academic record. Since moving to Colorado, she has volunteered with a local Colorado Springs area non-profit creating artistic marketing campaigns in both digital and physical formats. She also volunteers at a local Colorado Springs charter school where she creates lively decorative displays and original interactive attractions designed to encourage STEAM education for early childhood learners. During the COVID-19 crisis, she helped the charter school create and interactive learning platform in order to help them transition to an online learning environment.

Petite: “We Are One Butterfly”

Inspiration: “We are all beautiful in our own right, each one of us unique in the way we look, act, think, feel, and live our lives. Even though it may appear that we belong to a certain sub-culture, or species, our individuality gives us our personalized traits, like the unique coloring of every butterfly, that sets us apart from our groups and makes us shine bright in our own right. However, as beautiful as our individuality makes us, when we come together and use our individual strengths to work together towards a common goal, we can create something magnificent and compelling. We can work together to create something stronger, something more beautiful than any of us could imagine, and while the individual butterfly may not be able to see the beauty of the being that she has helped create, she can witness the impact that the whole being has on its surrounding and the inspiration that it sparks in others. When his view of the outside world is temporarily blocked by the wings of another, he knows that he is surrounded by supportive family and friends that will work with him and offer him encouragement to keep going, he knows that he is not alone. A supportive network can be found in a variety of places and take a variety of forms, but together We Are One. We Are One Butterfly.


Why FLIGHT: “I am interested in getting involved in flight because of the opportunity to be involved in my community. Colorado is now my permanent home and I hope to raise my sons here and I would like to encourage my sons to be involved in their community whether it be through volunteer efforts or making their communities more beautiful in order to inspire others to create and grow. This opportunity would be beneficial to my academic resume as well as my artistic resume and would provide me with an opportunity to cultivate my skills and share my vision with a viewing audience. It would be a privilege to be involved with this amazing program.”

Heather McKinnon


Heather is a 26-year resident of Colorado and I has been married to her Husband, Brian, for 24 years. They raised their two amazing children in the ‘burbs of Broomfield. It was only after moving to their retirement home in Cañon City that she discovered she had an inner artist. She is a Mandala Artist and paints with acrylic paints, including metallic, pearl and glitter paints. She usually paints on canvas and wooden boards but she also paints on stone, wood, ceramics, fabrics and more.

She loves the idea of Wabi-Sabi, of finding beauty in imperfection, of revering authenticity above all. She paints entirely free hand with no forethought of pattern or design.  Her paintings tend to be surprising even as she paints them. She likes to think of them as a download of sacred geometry from the universe! Her paintings are created with a clear intention to delight the eye and lift the spirit, they represent her devotion to God and to humanity.

Medium: “Rainbow Flight”

Inspiration: “I want my art to touch people but, more importantly, I want my art to help people.”

Why FLIGHT: “My small butterfly was 2019's 2nd place highest bid (Dreams Take Flight).”

Lance Miller


Mr. Miller is an as amateur plein air oil painter. His interest in painting originated in high school where he sketched and painted. After an extensive career as a software development executive in the high-tech world, he returned to painting as a rewarding and relaxing hobby. He has studied at the Bemis Art School of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and taken private lessons from several local artists. His focus is on impressionist landscapes with a special emphasis on the West.


Petite: “Vanessa – in the Garden of Eden”


Inspiration: “The Vanessa Atlanta (Red Admiral) butterfly and a pun on the Iron Butterfly lyrics (In-a-gadda-da-vida).”


Why FLIGHT: “I participated last year and found it to be productive, rewarding and of benefit to the community.”

Julie Nash


Julie has degree in Studio Art from the Colorado College. She has worked mainly in the jewelry industry where her fine art background has been very helpful. Last year, she did a Lalique jewelry inspired dragon fly and decided to change it up to a Luciean Gaillard inspired Art Nouveau butterfly.

Dragon: “Mayura”

Petite: “Gaillard”

Inspiration: “An Art Nouveau brooch in gold and enamel by Lucien Gaillard form about 1915.”

Why FLIGHT: “I REALLY enjoyed doing the dragon fly last year and ended up making another for the buyer so that she would have a pair.  Art in schools is critical to developing well rounded students. I believe the imagination that is developed in Fine Art education improves and hones problem solving skills that are relevant to any career and life in general.”

Lisa Nowak


Lisa loves to depict the glories of nature through watercolor, oil, acrylic and mixed media. She earned a degree in environmental policy from the University of California while also studying art. The two disciplines complement each other well. She sells her work in galleries and through commissions.  She continually builds her skills through inspiring workshops and classes in California and Colorado, as well as on travels throughout the country and world. Teaching art to both children and adults delights her, and she teaches art at Haven, a new charter school in Colorado Springs., facebook and instagram, lisanowakart.

Dragonflies: “Promise of Light”


Inspiration: “Antoni Gaudi's stained-glass windows in Barcelona provide my inspiration for these pieces. I viewed his work in person a few years ago and was amazed by the design, color and light his pieces display. I was inspired to use stained glass designs for dragonflies since they display similar iridescence as they reflect sunlight. I chose to use rainbow colors since that is a symbol of hope of overcoming the corona virus, as seen in pictures drawn by children displayed in many windows and on sidewalks around our community and the world.”

Why FLIGHT: “I enjoyed the experience of creating two petite butterflies last year and meeting artists and rotary members through this wonderful community event. I am happy to help encourage STEAM education in the Colorado Springs by combining my love for art and nature.”

E.O. Nytes

Erin Oesper_nytes_Doubled.jpg

E.O. is Colorado Native with a diverse background in both Art and Science.  She studied Art History and Studio Art at Pikes Peak Community College and the University of Puget Sound and enjoys painting, drawing, photography, collage, graphic design, sewing, and even cake decoration.  Additionally, she studied Pre-Medical Biology at Colorado Mesa University and, over the last decade, has worked in the clinical research field on a number of national and international initiatives.  As such, she draws artistic inspiration from a variety of sources, both creative and scientific, and often aims to produce works that bridge the gap between these disciplines – which she sees as indivisible.


Medium: “Fact of Phantasm”

Dragon: “A Good Day to See Wahatoya”


Inspiration: “This piece was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher.  Over the last few months, I have been exploring literary scenes, and find Poe an excellent guide for this endeavor, as he is so painstakingly descriptive.  Likewise, given current events (art in a time of Covid, if you will), Poe's morose sensibilities seem apt, as does the central question of madness versus terrible sanity.  Call it the Yin to the Yang of my other entries.  A small indulgence into fear and darkness - in the hopes of expelling them.  This piece was inspired by the part of the Homestead Trail that winds around the top of the Constitution Hills, overlooking the mountains and plains.  It is simply amazing.  I walk it nearly every day and always marvel at the beauty of the scenery and the solitude of the trail.  At certain points, if you know where to look, you can see all the way down to Trinidad and the Spanish Peaks.  There is even a little bench, at one of these spots, with an inscription that says,


Nana says: "When you can see the 'WAHATOYA' it’s a good day."

We will always remember the good days! -Jane Gutierrez   


I don't know why, but this always strikes me and I often look to see if I can see the Wahatoya (Spanish Peaks).  And it is a good day when you can see, because it means the air is clear and the sun is shining!  


Over the last few months, with everything going on in the world, this has become increasingly meaningful to me.  (Between a global pandemic and quarantine with a toddler, life is stressful!)  This trail, and the daily walks my daughter and I take on it have become the highlight of our day, and a positive force in our lives - potent enough that I want to share it.”


Why FLIGHT: “As a returning artist, I very much enjoyed participating in this program in 2016, 2017, and 2019.  I was initially drawn to Flight for a number of reasons.  First, as an admirer of the beautiful pieces from previous years, I was honored to participate in such a cool tradition!  Moreover, I love that Flight combines community service and beautification with a focus on education and find it particularly fitting that this project acknowledges Art as a gateway to Science – which as you may be able to tell, is something close to my heart.  Also, as luck would have it, I assisted with academic Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) research in college and, thus, find this theme pretty serendipitous.  Finally, since participating in Flight, my first year, my husband and I have welcomed our first child to the family – who will one day attend District 11 – so my participation feels particularly apropos.”   

Annie Pieper


 Annie has a studio at Cottonwood Center for the Arts and works as its Education Director. She earned a B.A. in Studio Art from Reed College in 1996. Annie was part of a historical restoration team that recreated the original gilding on the dome of San Francisco’s City Hall in 1998 and has been working with metal leaf ever since. Her paintings on copper leaf have been shown in galleries in San Francisco, New Orleans, and Colorado Springs. She is interested in "secular icons" and is currently experimenting with gilding on glass.


Dragonflies: “Brushwork”

Petite: “Clockwork”


Inspiration: “I am interested in the secret, hidden, and magical properties of everyday objects.”


Why FLIGHT: “Al B Johnson convinced me to enter the Flight project last year, and it was an amazing experience to stretch my creative process by working 3-dimensionally. My daughter goes to school in District 11, and I love the idea that my art can support her learning journey.” 

Kim Polomka


Kim is a professional fine art painter and muralist with Commissions in USA and Australia.


Medium: “The Garden of Earthly Deserts”


Inspiration: “The Arizona desert. I was in Wickenburg, Arizona. painting a commissioned mural in Jan/Feb 2020 and got to see the amazing sunsets and the sculptural cactus.’


Why FLIGHT: ‘I am probably the longest participant in this wonderful Rotary program. I was the chair of the Art Commission in 2007 when Rotary first brought the proposal to the AC and I created my first small butterfly that year. I believe in the mission and have supported it every year.”

Becky Pontz


Becky is a local artist who primarily focuses on Community Arts. She loves to do murals with large groups of people. She also loves to do her own art which includes watercolors and oil paintings and mosaics when she can.”


Petite: “Damselfly Take Flight!”


Inspiration: “I saw tons of Damseflies last summer and loved their blue bodies!”


Why FLIGHT: “I have two friends that have made butterflies over the years for this project and I really enjoyed watching their creations. I wanted to for a long time and finally got enough stuff together this year to do it. I have not made one in the past. I am looking forward to possibly painting a dragonfly this year.”

Deborah Schoen


Deborah Schoen is a daughter, mother, military spouse, and artist who lives in Colorado Springs and works in Monument as a metalsmith, blacksmith, and gallery associate. After living across the country and overseas, she finally had an opportunity to finish her Bachelor’s in Visual and Performing Arts with a minor in Art History at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Her work utilizes a broad spectrum of media including sculpture, textiles, painting, photography, video art and installation art, all of which explore boundaries between fantasies of the American dream and notions of femininity.


Medium: “Strata”

Petite: “Strata II”


Inspiration: “I find inspiration in everyday moments. Strata was inspired by my daily trail runs that surround Colorado Springs and lead up to Pikes Peak. I am constantly amazed at how these trails intertwine and connect with one another and appear to go on forever as they constantly offer a shifting perspective. One of my favorite features during my runs is the strata formations that surrounded our landscapes.”


Why FLIGHT: “When I read Flight's cause in bringing awareness, funding, and to ensure that children have the opportunity to keep arts and sciences in their education, I wanted to help! I just graduated from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs with a Bachelor’s in Visual & Performing Arts with a minor in Art History. What better way to give back to the community that supported on of my biggest goals: to finally graduate from college! This would be my first time participating in a butterfly creation.”

A M Slate


A M is a team of artists comprised of the children of Rotarian Josh Slate; daughter,  Adelaide, who is 10, and son, Alder, who is 7.  Each picked two themes and will do one top wing and one bottom wing.  So, they are sharing the same butterfly.  They are both very excited to paint for Flight this year.


Petite: "4 Elements"


Inspiration: Alder: "Elemental things are very cool right now. It looks nice and we couldn't do other things." Adelaide: "I have a lot of experience with the four mythological elements, as most of my LEGO sets are based on them. I find them to be a fun subject for art, and so my brother and I agreed on doing them, with the arrangement of the four wing spaces would match them perfectly, and we both enjoy them. I personally choose to do the Earth and Water wings because fire is pretty much my least favorite of the four, and air is my brother's favorite. I have also always liked water, and earth is definitely a close second. My design for the water section came from the two basic  aquatic habitats: a reef and a river. I choose the greenback cutthroat trout as my center piece for the river because it is the state fish, and I just like them. I chose a coral reef for the ocean, because they are the biggest marine habitat, and they're just stunning. The Earth idea of the pine tree came from my love for them, and that they are a well-known tree that can be painted without special equipment, and our treehouse sits on two of them. I could not choose a single plant for the top, so I did a bunch of them intertwined (though it became too busy and for the butterfly, it has been shrunken to five plants, two rimming the outside and three in the middle). The body of the butterfly came from my brother and I not being able to decide on one minor element, such as lightning or ice, so we choose to do life and death, with black representing the dark, and white for the light. my background colors were a pretty obvious choice, with them kind of already decided by the basis of the elements."


Why FLIGHT: Alder: "Because I have never done a real butterfly and I want to be a real professional artist." Adelaide: " My first butterfly (Mixafly, 2017) was a great experience, and I was eager to do it again. My parents allowed me to do it again this year, so I snatched the chance. My brother wanted to do FLIGHT as well, so we did. My parents are also both in Rotary and my dad is in the Flight committee, so that gave us even more reason to choose it. Plus, the funds also help D11, our school district, so we're helping our school, Stratton."

Randy Stiles

Randy Stiles. Educated as an Aeronautical Engineer at the University of Illinois and Purdue, he is now a retired Air Force officer and Colorado College administrator. His first formal exposure to art was in 1975 when Carlin Kielcheski, who had served as the Air Force artist in Vietnam, offered brown bag lessons featuring acrylics for Air Force Academy faculty. Thirty years later, his wife bought him a book about watercolor painting and then arranged for him to take lessons from Susan Hinton, a very fine watercolor artist in Colorado Springs. Since then, he has developed a passion and some talent for transparent watercolor painting; their house is overflowing with the results.

Petite: "Emperor Butterfly"

Inspiration: “The brilliant, iridescent color of the blue morpho (emperor) butterfly caused by light refraction.”


Why FLIGHT: “It is the largest fund-raiser of the year for the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs and adds beauty to our city.”

Sara Taylor


As an art graduate, she enjoys a wide variety of artistic activities - photography, traditional art, digital design, and more. Creating art has long been a passion of hers, and she never miss an opportunity to do so. She says Art is a daily challenge and fantastic adventure. Welcoming criticism and change, as well as having the ability to use old ideas and create new ones, provides direction for her process of creation. She says that each day is a chance to learn something new - a chance to take what she does and make it something great - and she plans to do just that.


Dragon: "Nature’s Wings"

Petite: "A Small Dragon"


Inspiration: “Dragons have always fascinated me, and I wanted to create a sculpture to really bring this butterfly to life. The idea of a seeing a small butterfly dragon flying about in someone's garden is very thrilling to me.”


Why FLIGHT: I worked last year creating a petite butterfly and a dragonfly and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I would certainly love to have the opportunity to join the project again.

LeAnna Tuff


LeAnna’s works have been featured in galleries, and in private homes around the country and abroad. LeAnna Tuff began training in Monterey, California, where she studied at the Faces West on Cannery Row with portrait artist Sylvia Rogers. She continued her studies with Daniel Greene and continued to develop her skill while raising three children in Vienna, Austria.


LeAnna loves the joy and challenge of painting the faces of people and animals in oil and pastel, and her goal is to achieve outstanding likenesses while capturing the essential personality of her subjects. She is the owner of Artistry Studios at Cottonwood Center for the Arts. She loves the Cottonwood community, and her works have been featured in several successful gallery exhibits at Cottonwood, where she also teaches Basic Drawing classes.


Petite: "Ode to Joy – Beethoven @ 250"


Inspiration: “The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting sicknesses, death, and global economic crises caused intense anxiety on a massive scale. Ludwig van Beethoven's 250th birthday will be celebrated in 2020, and as the people of the world recover, the immortal "Ode to Joy" from Symphony No. 9 will be a global cry of celebration”


Why FLIGHT:  “I participated last year for the first time. I enjoyed creating my "Celtic Dragonfly," and was delighted to help raise money for Rotary's service projects. I was thrilled when my dragonfly raised $5,000.”

Jeanie Turse

Jeanie Turse.jpg

Jeanie has studied art at Pikes Peak Community College. As a Student Art Show Award winner in 2009, Jeanie has a watercolor in their permanent collection. Jeanie's art has been shown at The Downton Studio and Pikes Peak Library District shows. Jeanie participated in The Art for a New Start Show to aid fire victims in El Paso County.


Petite: "Bloom Flight"


Inspiration: “Each year spring brings the hope and beauty of blooming flowers. Coneflowers thrive in the Pikes Peak region and are commonly seen  in natural spaces and cultivated gardens.”


Why FLIGHT: “I have followed Flight for many years as a friend of several artists who consistently paint for Flight. I enjoy and support community art in Colorado Springs.”

Charlotte Waldo

Charolette Waldo.jpg

At 5 years old, Charlotte just completed kindergarten and recently learned to read! She loves butterflies, catching and releasing Painted Ladies daily. She is passionate about art, ballet, and science. She is a very new artist and has only begun to spread her wings!

Petite: "Beauty"

Inspiration: “Every time I look at my baby caterpillars, I think of the beauty of butterflies.”

Why FLIGHT:  “Because I love butterflies and love to paint.”

Crystal Waldo

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 5.53.25 AM.png

Crystal loves spending time outdoors enjoying the beauty God created. Her five-year-old daughter is obsessed with catching butterflies, a daily endeavor in their household. At 36, she is a stay-at-home mom with no real painting experience, but tons and tons of craft projects; her friends would label her “creative and artistic.” She has a Master’s Degree in Project Management, and is an enthusiastic reader, loves to cook and create recipes.  Crystal is a nearly 12 year cancer survivor, and is currently battling a rare and inoperable intracranial tumor. She says this project has been a delightful way to contribute to our community. As a former Rotary Youth Exchange Student and current food pantry volunteer, she says our community is filled with neighbors waiting to be loved on.

Large: "Stained Glass"

Petite: "Sustained"


Inspiration: “Replicating the beauty of stained glass. Daughter catching butterflies in our yard as they land on flowers.”


Why FLIGHT: “To give toward the future of our community and because my dad, Scott Feller, is constantly speaking about and working toward Flight... it is difficult not to become interested in something someone shows so much passion for.”